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IT Project Management Techniques ITECH2250

Subject Code – ITECH2250
Subject Name – IT Project Management Techniques
University Name – Federation University, Australia

IT Project Management Techniques ITECH2250

IT Project Management techniques (ITECH2250) is a core subject that focuses on project management methodologies. The project management process group model is considered a tool for executing complex IT projects.
During this course, you will be exposed to the current issues in IT project management and opportunities to develop the knowledge and skills related to project management.

What is IT Project Management?

It is a process of planning, executing, and monitoring the activities associated with information technology projects. An IT project is a type of project that deal It infrastructure information and computers.

What is a Project Management Methodology?

Project Management Methodology

A Project Management Methodology is defined as the set of principles that are required to plan, execute, and manage IT projects. Agile Methodology and Waterfall Methodology are considered the most prominent methodologies in IT Project Management.

Agile Methodology

The Agile Project Management Methodology is an iterative approach that comprises rules, methods, and procedures. The reason behind the growth of agile methodology is the limitation of project management’s liner approach. A team can decide what they should do. if needed they can revise their project during the process rather than waiting until the end of the review and amendment

You can try this project management methodology if you want to work quickly because it is important to see speedy progress rather than perfect results. It also helps the software team to increase their speed, collaboration, and ability to respond in the market.

Waterfall Methodology

The most popular framework. It is also called the Software Development Life Cycle, a process in which software is developed as well as deployed. It is not a straightforward methodology, it is an actual methodology. In simple words, it is a linear process of project management.

It consists of several phases that do not allow you to return to the previous phase therefore the only way is to restart the phase. With the help of the waterfall process, a developer can analyse, catch errors, and avoid writing faulty during its implementation phases.

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ITECH 2250 IT Project Management Techniques: Assignment 1


Students are required to create a Project Charter for the case study. The WOWS Project. The project sponsor has appointed you as the project manager and you decide to use the Agile SCRUM methodology.
You need to clearly express the vision (why do this project), the mission (what is to be done), and the success criteria for this project.
You may need to make other necessary assumptions in preparing the Charter but make sure these are clearly stated.
The Project Charter needs to include information such as:
Project title and date of authorization
Project manager’s name and contact details
Brief description of objectives and vision for the project
Summary budget
Success criteria for the project
Project scope
Summary schedule
Start and end dates for each sprint
Milestones/objectives for each sprint
An approach on how to do the project, including:
Procedures or processes of work
Assumptions and constraints if any
Roles and responsibilities
Sign-off section for all stakeholders

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