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Big Data and Analytics ITECH1103


Big Data and Analytics ITECH1103

Big Data and Analytics ITECH1103, in this course students will learn the techniques as well as the applications of big data analytics across different industrial sectors.

This course will help you to understand the fundamental concepts related to Big Data and Analytics. It develops practical knowledge and skills in collecting, storing, and analyzing useful information from different datasets which is useful for organisational decisions.

This course aims to provide students with a broad understanding of the IT Industry. It aware students about its research foundations and its place in serving society.

What is Big Data Analytics?

Big data analytics is a complex process of examining large volumes of diverse data sets that include structured, semi-structured, and unstructured data to uncover information that can help organisations to identify new opportunities.

Big data analytics helps in developing and marketing new products and services and quickly analyses large amounts of data in different formats and types to understand the customer behaviours and needs that help organizations find out the more effective ways of doing business.

Learning Outcomes
Evaluate the skills in designing and learn how to implement a relational database
Demonstrate the innovation and creativity in applying SAS Analytics
Able to design useful visualisation and solutions for analytics problems.

Which Tools are used in Big Data Analytics?

Many tools and technologies are used to support Big Data Analytics to solve the problem of managing and handling the data.

Here are some tools for Big Data Analytics. Let’s understand them one by one:
A tool that is used to provide robust utilities to import/export data from/to the Teradata system. It solves complex data challenges at scale.
It is a quick problem-solving tool. It is also used in MS-Excel to perform calculations by working under some conditions.
R is a programming language used in statistical computing, big data analysis, and scientific research. You can use it to identify the patterns. .
Spark is an open-source distributed system processing. It is used for efficient and scalable data processing for big data analytics.
This tool supports programming language. It helps you to maintain and analyze data through visual programming.

The Role of Big Data Analytics in Various Industries

Banking: It helps in detecting the behaviour of loyal customers and reducing the misuse of credit or debit cards.

Healthcare: Medical industry is using big data analytics to collect public health reports and keep track of the history of the patients.

Education: Data analytics can help to update and upgrade the study material online.

Insurance: It helps to reduce the time and handle claims through analytics

Media: The Music industry is using big data to keep an eye on the latest trend

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SQL Database: Assignment 1
1. Scenario choice: Your chosen scenario must include at least three entities that are related to each other. This really can be anything you choose, but you are advised to choose something you have knowledge of, to make the exercise easier.
2. Your ER Diagram must include at least three entities: There is no upper bound on how many entities you choose, but you are advised to include no more than five.
3. For each entity, you must create some example data for that entity. Include at least 10 rows of data for each entity. This data must be initially stored in a text file that will be imported into the database.
4. 4. Write the SQL statements to create the table structures from your developed ERD.
5. Write the SQL statements that provide the following database functionality, for instance, Query 1. Write an SQL command that implements a search for a substring within a character data field (LIKE).
Query 2. Write an SQL command that uses any kind of JOIN.
6. Write a short section (two or three paragraphs) about some aspect of your scenario that might be too difficult or very complex to implement in an SQL database.

Big Data and Analytics Group Assignment Requirements
Video Presentations are to be between 10 to12 minutes in length
Each team member must present for at least three minutes to verbally present some of the findings from the report
Teams must provide one visual component (e.g. PowerPoint) that is consistent in presentation, fonts, and format
Any references used in your presentation must be included at the end of the presentation in APA format
The presentation must include:
An introduction of the topic and team members
The findings made from the analysis of the data including images to support these findings
The recommendations you will make in your report
A conclusion

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