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Agile Project Management MIS608

Subject Code – MIS608

What is Agile Project Management MIS608?

Agile Project Management MIS608

is an iterative approach to software development that focuses on planning and guiding project processes that breaks large projects into manageable tasks. This project is continuously improving and basically focuses on delivering maximum value against business priorities. 

Agile Project Management aims to provide better responsiveness to changing business needs therefore it believes to support effective working team collaboration. During this course, you will get to know that the method of Agile Project Management is well established and researched in the software industry. It completely relies on teamwork to produce high-quality reports at the end of the project.

Learning Outcomes

An observable description of the subject learning outcomes is demonstrated below:

  1. a) Develop knowledge, understanding, and skills related to Agile concepts, tools, and techniques. 
  2. b) Reflect on the Agile process and draw your attention to the influence on the individual’s professional development
  3. c) Introduce the benefit of an agile PM plan in the context of the business case to display a response to a complex business need.
  4. d) Build and communicate a collaborative strategy that demonstrates the principles of agile methodology to stakeholders of an organisation.

What is the Principle of Agile Project Management MIS608?

12 principles of Agile Project ManagementThe 12 principles of Agile Project Management are listed below : 

Satisfy The Customer 

The first priority is to satisfy the client through early and continuous delivery of the valued software. 

Embrace The Change 

Embrace the change in the environment even in a late development cycle. It will help the customer to have a competitive advantage.  

Deliver Early

Consistency should be there to deliver operating computer software with a preference for a shorter timescale  

Good Teamwork 

Unity is most important in good teamwork throughout daily projects. Building strong teamwork will lead to a productive work environment.

Motivational Environment 

Providing an environment where they can improve their skills and give them the support they need because it will help them to build their self- motivation. 

Face to Face Interaction

Verbal Communication is an effective way to establish a good connection between the owner and the team.

Working Software

The primary live of progress is working on software

Sustainable Development

Sustainable development refers to the constant and indefinite pace between stakeholders, developers, and customers.

Continuous Attention 

A good design and technical excellence improve agility. A scrum tool should be used by the software development team to give an elegant touch to the software 

Be Simple

The art of maximizing the number of work not done is essential. Agile wants to keep the things single and deliver the most value. 


The team should track their behaviour based on daily improvements that will help them to be self-organised. 

Reflect And Adjust

A team should keep track of their performance and adjust it accordingly, in order to be more effectively 

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Task 1

You will be required to prepare a report covering the following concepts and areas of knowledge

  • VUCA

  • The Agile Manifesto

  • The Case for Agile

  • Agile vs. Waterfall

  • A Comparison of Scrum and Kanban

  • The influence of Lean on the Agile philosophy and practices


Your report will require 6 boxes, each one devoted to covering a specific knowledge area:

Box 1 – VUCA

Box-2 – Authors of the Agile Manifesto

Box-3 – Agile Vs Waterfall

Box-4 – The case of Agile

Box-5 – Comparison of Scrum and Kanban

Box 6 – The influence of lean on the Agile philosophy and practices. 

Task 2

You are required to write and submit a 1500-word individual reflection about how your work as an Agile Team is progressing so far. You are required to use Kolb’s Experiential Learning Cycle as a framework for this exercise and your reflection should clearly follow the steps of the framework.

  • Describe your personal concrete experience

  • Undertake a reflective observation on your experience working as a self-organising Agile Team so far: the good, the bad, and the ugly.

  • Using the abstract Agile concepts that you have learned:

  • Plan your next steps of active experimentation:


Write a 1500-word reflective report addressing the concepts of how working agreements, the Agile Mindset, Psychological Safety, and Servant Leadership can influence how a self-organised team can bring their working agreement to life with Agile practices.

1 – Cover page:

2 – Introduction (100-150 words):

3 – The body of the report (1000-1200 words):

4 – Conclusion

Task 3

The concepts are listed in no order, and it is up to the team to decide which order they should be addressed in the report to best convey the required response to your client:

  1. Product Vision and Roadmap

  2. Release planning and cadence

  3. Agile requirements

  4. Lean Startup tools used in Agile

  5. Agile estimating and planning

  6. Agile ceremonies

  7. Agile velocity

  8. Scaling agile


Step: 1 Team Formation and Registration

Form teams of 5-6 members.

  • The deadline for team registration is 11:45 pm AEST Friday end of Module 1.1 (Week 2).

  • To register your team, you are required to send your Learning Facilitator an email with

“MIS608 Team Registration” in the subject line. It is vital that you cc all of your team members

in on this email.In the body of that email, please list the names and student ID numbers of all

the members of your team.

  • You are required to send the registration email to your facilitator before the registration


  • After the registration deadline, those students who are not in a team will be allocated to a

team by the Learning Facilitator.

Report Format

  1. Your report will need to be designed and completed in Word format.

  2. A cover page will be required which must include the following information:

  3. The report must use font Arial or Calibri 11 point and be line spaced at 1.15 for ease of reading.

  4. Diagrams or tables must carry the appropriate captioning.

  5. used, due attention should be given to pagination

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